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Writing Fantasy Magical Battle Scenes

Sometimes, I imagine I have magical powers. As I'm walking through the city, I picture my power manipulating this object or breaking that object. Of course, I always give my characters abilities. They usually get into fights. How would you write a magical fight scene?

Here's an example from The Lost Sciell:
Josephine stabbed her blade into the ground. Her Lifeblood left her body, passed through her weapon to live in the land under her feet. Her body moved. She didn’t tell it to. She spread her hands at her side, palms up, and lifted them. Black fire rose around her. Josephine's aura took over the power, staining it red.
Her Lifeblood wanted to flare up. To ravage everything, like always. Josephine couldn’t have that. She had to protect her family and Middle Jael. Her power needed to listen to her. It fought. It didn’t want to be controlled.
The shadow creatures surrounded her. They opened their mouths to rows of sharp teeth.
Her power raged. Holding it down was like trying to…

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